Recent(ish) recording from indie Jersey Hip-Hop legend Scott Lark (Da Sensei). I purchased a cd from the man himself at the Trenton Transit Center. He told me it was recorded in 07′. Dude still got it.

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  2. […] surprise return of little known 90′s MC Scott Lark. THEY seem to have gotten their info from GrandGood, who seem to think that this was recorded back in ’97. Honestly I’ve never heard this […]

  3. jake (Reply) on Oct 27, 2011

    please hook it up with a link for these tracks, i got both singles and im addicted gotta have more!

  4. miggy (Reply) on Nov 13, 2012

    GUYS A DON! how u got hold of this??? any contact info on cd? website? email?