One final strategic push.

From Adbusters Blog

When asked about the occupation, the mayor of New York City responded, “People have a right to protest, and if they want to protest, we’ll be happy to make sure they have locations to do it. As long as they do it where other people’s rights are respected, this is the place where people can speak their minds …”

Anonymous says they will release their new hacktivism tool at 7am in solidarity with #OCCUPYWALLSTREET.

While Michael Moore and the rest of the mainstream left continues to be largely silent about #OCCUPYWALLSTREET, American rapper Lupe Fiasco has been vocal in his support. Lupe has vowed to donate 50 tents to the occupation and has written a poem celebrating our efforts.

President Obama will be in New York City at a private $38,500 per person fundraising event on Monday, September 19th starting at 5:30 p.m. at 820 Park Avenue. Maybe we can go there and invite him to join our people’s assembly?


For up-to-date information follow, and @occupywallstnyc

Good luck … Hang in there!

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