@NYTimes covers Crazy Legs’ Lunch Breaks, Bouncing Cats.

Eddie, born Edwin Berrios, said Mr. Colon was a natural for a medium that prized quick wits. “There is the freedom of playing what you want without the restrictions of commercial radio,” Mr. Berrios said. “You can be yourself and take it back to a time when it was innocent and you just rocked out.”

Four days a week, Mr. Colon wedges himself between counter and stove to play music with his computer, a mixer and two digitally manipulated turntables. Mr. Melendez plops himself in front of the camera and holds court as the in-house jester.

Though the mood is improvisational, guests have learned to come prepared.

“I select guests who can take a joke,” Mr. Colon said. “When Big Daddy Kane was on the show, it was a good vibe. He started rocking the mic, and D-Stroy was goofing off. Now, Big Daddy Kane is this smooth character, but he was a good sport about what D-Stroy was doing.”