Amir reminisces on some live moments during his tenure as head of A&R at Fat Beats distro. Link

Anyway, we all accompany him down to see Jerry. Immediately, Jerry was like “say that shit to my face.” I see the dudes behind him with their hands in the coat pockets and I am like ahhh man it’s about to be on. I say to Jerry let’s go into the conference room and discuss this like gentlemen. He just was not having it and starting yelling at my colleague. My colleague tried to stand his ground but you could tell from the cracking in his voice that he was shook like the rest of us. Then to make matters worse a bunch of the warehouse guys come busting in the room trying to act brave. Dudes that were with Jerry were pulling out shit and I stepped all the waaay back out the room. Finally, my colleague had sense enough to pipe down and chill. That’s when things chilled and after a few farewell fuck you’s Jerry left. I will never forget this night. I remember telling my colleague you need to chill with that tough shit cause it WILL get you killed!

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