It’s been over a week since the Cold Crush Brothers’ anniversary show but the feeling still lingers. It was a special night spent with the trailblazing group. Renowned artists such as Kool DJ Red Alert, Grand Wizard Theodore, DJ Scratch, Jazzy Jay, DMC and Big Daddy Kane among others took turns getting the crowd ready for the main event. It took place at the Hip-Hop Cultural Center, a museum/venue/auditorium filled to the brim with flyers, pictures and other items from the early days. If you have a chance to visit, go do it, it’s a great location dedicated to preserving the culture through curation of historical artifacts and exhibitions. The group rarely performs together so rather than do what most people expected e.g. performing all the classic routines from back in the day, the CCB’s totally flipped the script and went Unplugged (c) MTV. The night wasn’t going to be about them trying to prove they still got what it takes; it was going to be more intimate than that. It was about sharing their experiences, motivations and feelings around some of their most classic material. It was about establishing a sense of community amongst family, friends and fans. And it worked.

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Cold Crush Brothers

Kool DJ Red Alert

DJ Disco Wiz

Grandmaster Caz and Easy AD

DJ Scratch and Tony Tone

DJ Scratch

D-Nice and DJ Scratch


Grand Wizard Theodore

Mighty Mike C

T-Ski Valley

Big Daddy Kane

Big Daddy Kane and Grand Wizard Theodore