Mix by Wayne Lotek, Link

Dead Rastas Mixtape Part 1 by WayneLotek
Audio Clip from Bob Marley’s Funeral
Augustus Pablo – Drums To The King
Morgan Heritage – Liberation
Michael James Williams AKA Prince Far I (1944-1983) Shot
Prince Far I – Mount Zion
Prince Far I – Going Home On The Morning Train
Vivian Jackson AKA Yabby You (1946-2010) Aneurysm
Vivian Jackson – Conquering Lion
Vivian Jackson – Fire In Kingston
Jarret Lloyd Vincent AKA Bim Sherman (1950-2000) Cancer
Bim Sherman – Mighty Ruler
Bim Sherman – Mafia
Joseph Hill (1946-2006) Liver Failure
Joseph Hill (Culture) – Zion Gate
Joseph Hill (Culture) – Two Sevens Clash
Horace Swaby (1953–1999) Collasped Lung
Augustus Pablo – Pablo In Black Ark
Augustus Pablo – Java
Augustus Pablo – The Best Dub Inventor
Michael George Campbell AKA Mikey Dread (1954-2008) Brain Tumour
Mikey Dread – Dread Combination
Mikey Dread – Voice Of Jah
Dennis Emmanuel Brown (1957-1999)
Dennis Brown – No Man Is An Island
Dennis Brown – Money In My Pocket
Garnet Damoin Smith AKA Garnet Silk (1966-1994) House Fire
Garnet Silk – Kingly Character
Garnet Silk – Zion In A Vision
Garnet Silk – Complain

Dead Rastas Mixtape Part 2 by WayneLotek
Lincoln Barrington Minott AKA Sugar Minott (1956-2010) Unknown Heart Condition
Sugar Minott – Inna Dancehall Style
Sugar Minott – Herbsman Hustling
Sugar Minott – No Vacancy
Sugar Minott – Dreader Than Dread
Jacob Miller (1952-1080) Car Crash
Jacob Miller – Killer Miller
Jacob Miller – Tired Fi Lick Weed
Jacob Miller – Tenement Yard
Jacob Miller – We Ah Rockers
Winston Hubert McIntosh AKA Peter Tosh (1944-1987) Shot
Peter Tosh – Stepping Razor
Peter Tosh – Igzabehir (Let Jah Be Praised)
Peter Tosh – Legalize It
Peter Tosh – Oh Bumbo Klaat
Peter Tosh – Get Up Stand Up
Robert Nesta Marley (1945-1981) Cancer
Bob Marley – Get Up Stand Up
Bob Marley – Natural Mystic
Bob Marley – Concrete Jungle
Bob Marley – War
Bob Marley – One Love, People Get Ready
Bob Marley – Time Will Tell
Bob Marley – Redemption Song

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