Seriously, what’s the deal with $11 online convenience fees? Yeah, I’m talking to you Ticketmaster. What exactly would the “inconvenient” option be? There was no other way to get tickets. My wife was so upset she called them for an explanation but received no intelligible response. Bad enough we had to pay full price for my two year old (Although I am referring to a Yo Gabba Gabba! concert. But still.) Link (via)

The state’s 2007 scalping law, which removed price caps on the resale of tickets, expired Saturday.
As a result, Paterson is firing off a letter to 56 ticket brokers, including StubHub, reminding them a more restrictive law passed in the 1920s is back in effect.
According to Paterson aides, that law prohibits the selling of tickets for more than $2 above face value.
And it prohibits primary sellers like Ticketmaster from tacking on service and delivery fees…