New Necro album is out today and he issued a statement responding to the controversy surrounding the graphic Human Traffic King video.

Okay, for the record, I will officially say, I DO NOT SUPPORT HUMAN TRAFFICKING!

I am not making this statement to censor myself, or to try to make anyone happy. I am doing this to set the record straight, and to address the organization petitioning me, The Barnaba Institute: (Who by the way didn’t even quote the correct lyrics in their petition- get ya facts straight!)

I am a rap artist from the streets and I always speak the truth as I see it. I do not support women being kidnapped and used for prostitution by organized crime. I run a record company and release brutally explicit hip-hop albums for a living. I have a mother and niece I love, as well as female fans all over the world that I love and I would never want to see them in a position where they were victims of human trafficking.

My female fans support me 100%. They understand my sick insane art, and they know it’s just that: art. They are intelligent enough to recognize the difference.

Let me make something else clear: I DO SUPPORT insane explicit brutal art, and everything I record and release is based on reality. Human trafficking is a very real and serious subject that has never been touched on by any hip-hop artist. I am the first, but you shouldn’t crucify me for showing you the brutal truth.

My “Human Traffic King” video is not anti or pro, it’s just art, it just is. It’s viewing reality and brutal like a horror movie. Do we persecute movie directors for making brutal gore films with people being viciously killed? NO, these movies are in movie theatres and retail stores all over the world raking in millions, so why when a musical artist does that same form of art through music should it be judged differently?

I was raised on gore flicks and low budget horror movies, so when I make art it has that exploitational feel to it because that’s how I like to paint pictures. The thing that always made exploitational films so good is that they were more true to life than blockbuster movies; more dark, gritty, and realistic. So yes, my video is fucked up. Why? Because human trafficking is fucked up, plain and simple. Any female watching the video can see what could happen if she isn’t careful in this world.

I DO NOT SUPPORT HUMAN TRAFFICKING, but I DO SUPPORT FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND THE RIGHT TO CREATE ART THAT IS TRUE TO LIFE. You have the right not to watch it, or to watch it and learn from it, you can even hate me, but don’t misunderstand the director or writer for his creation or depiction of reality

You heard it from me personally, if you wanna debate my views, fine, but don’t twist my words into what you want them to be.

Ron Braunstein aka Necro