Great interview with DJ Riz, covers a lot of history. Radio show junkies like myself will appreciate this. Link v i a

DJ Riz: My first radio show was in 1990 with Jeff Foss when I was going to college at Hofstra University. He had the “p5” show which was legendary because it was the home to local artists like Public Enemy, Original Concept, Leaders of the New School and a few others. Ez G Rockwell (Original Concept) and Johnny Juice were the regular djs. They were dope. I kept givin Jeff my mixtapes hopin to get on someday. he called me one night to fill in and I became a regular in the rotation. A few years later, after I graduated school I went to another legendary show “the hip hop spot” with Wildman Steve. Ed lover & Dr. Dre (Yo!Mtv Raps), Chuck D. (Public Enemy) as well as Bill Stepheny(Def Jam/Stepsun) used to do the show before steve. After the station was sold, I joined Mayhem and Martin Moor on WNYU for a few years on the “New York Live” show, which later became “The Halftime Show” when Mayhem and Martin left, and became myself, DJ Eclipse (Fat Beats, Non Phixion) and Lynn Gonzales. Eclipse still does the show till this day! The underground radio era in the early-late 90’s was incredible. We were getting major label groups & artists always coming up to the shows. The records that were being made in that era were consistently good. Independent records and labels were at there peak. There were many outlets like our show, Stretch and Bob, Underground Railroad, Fat Beats, so many showcases, open mics(Nu Yorican), battles, etc…I feel honored to have been part of (imo) the greatest era of Hip Hop, period! Around 2001, I was winding down my college radio days and actually started doing a mixshow on commercial station WKTU. Thus station was a top 40 station which played barely any hip hop. My friend DJ Moody brought me up to DJ Skribbles show on KTU which was all dance music. I did a live set on his show with vinyl, burning thru 80’s, 90’s and some commercial hip hop. After that, they wanted me to do mixes for the station, which u could say was like an open format mix, throwing in different genres of music. This was before serato, mahups, etc…were really the norm.They wanted to add some dj’s to, so I told them I wanna put my partner Siz down and we eventually had a 1 hour Crooklyn Clan show for 4 or 5 years, then changes at the station made for an end to our show as well as many others. In all my years of radio, we always tried to mix up genres and make it interesting.