DJ Jazzy Jeff

Crazy news about DJ Jazzy Jeff getting kicked off stage in Kansas City for playing Hip-Hop music. What were they expecting him to rock? Sounds like this latest incident is only a microcosm of bigger things going down in the area. Read the article and then check out his twitter feed for updates. link

I must start this letter by first apologizing to DJ Jazzy Jeff. You apologized to us, but you owe us nothing. Kansas City should have and would have shown you better on Saturday night. You said you had something special planned for us. Trust, we had every intention of soaking up each moment.

It’s just too bad the clowns who run KC Live and The Power & White District decided to suit up as Uncle Phillip Banks Bozo and friends last night, and boot you out of his house off the stage. They shut you down for playing hip hop 30 minutes into your set. When you first left the stage, I thought it was a joke — until I saw the laptop and turntables leave as well. Then it hit us: You were done and chucking Kansas City the deuces.

No, they didn’t ask you to stop playing hip hop because the crowd was rowdy. It wasn’t. The melting pot-like crowd was having a great time.

DJ Jazzy Jeff, a lot calmer than he was when he left the stage on Saturday night.
I’ve asked it and heard it asked 100 times in the past several hours: Why would you bring a hip hop DJ legend of 25 years to Kansas City and ask himto stop playing hip hop?