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World Famous Brucie B – Live From Harlems Roof Top in 1987 / side A, side B

If you have any knowledge of the New York Party scene then you know how Brucie B used to get it in. There’s not to many dj’s that can say,to some extent that they’ve inspired Kid Capri. There’s not to many Dj’s that can say they are the reason Ron G started dj’ing,Brucie B can say that. There’s not to many dj’s that can say that their mixtapes were coveted items from such Harlem street figures like Rich Porter,AZ,and Alpo. Brucie B can say that,and for those suckas who don’t believe me go rent the movie “Paid in Full” and see for yourself. Brucie wasn’t the kind of dj that would cut a record to death,but he would rock the shit out of a party. To some extent I patterned my self after him. All Brucie needs is a bottle of Henny and party people ready to take it all the way Uptown.

The 80’s era New York club that helped make Brucie famous is Harlems “Roof Top”. This tape features Brucie live on the wheels circa 1987. To my Uptown crew,this tapes is for you(ROC,SLEEP,PARTY RADAMES,BIDDY,HOLLY,and DL).

  1. DjDedan (Reply) on Jan 17, 2011

    Side B, the chinese joint, brucie used to play that everytime i heard him at the rooftop, any idea what cut that is???

  2. John (Reply) on May 12, 2011

    The song was Computer Games and he rocked the 12 inch cut and the group was The Yellow Magic Orchestra.

  3. DjDedan (Reply) on Feb 6, 2012

    Ha many thanks that’s the joint!

  4. Tony (Reply) on Jan 30, 2013

    Side A was jammin to me! I was able to find the artist / title of every song except for the this one guy who sounded like he was fresh out the joint LOL. He could sing though – sounded like a Jaheim from the 1980s. Lyrics go “All my life, I’ve been searchin for someone to love me / my momma gave me away at a very early age / with no identity.”

    Can anybody tell me who the hell this guy is, what’s the name of the song????

  5. michael james (Reply) on Feb 3, 2013

    just wanted to know was there anyway to purchase some of brucie b tapes like when he was atbthe rooftop i dont know where to purchase any…

  6. THERESA MOORE (Reply) on Jun 13, 2017

    To purchase a flash drive with The World Famous Brucie B music on it including Roof Top call his Manager Theresa 917-319-3388…Thank me later