Peace to Labtekwon

Labtekwon – Ghettoclectic: King of the Slowburn

This go round i wanted to give you slow jam and slow groove folks something funky to listen to. this mixtape is variety of: Go Go, Soul, Funk and Rhythm and Blues, with my special freaky perverted flow to make it “Won In A Trillion.”

This mixtape is downtempo for real, even the hype joints are about 85 BPM (thats slow)

1. Soybeans and Tofu Cheese
2. Won In A Trillion
3. Maryland Life
4. Mic Control
5. Adore 2007
6. Sheek of Phreaks
7. A Clue
8. I Know
9. Fathers Day
10. Letter To The Wisdoms

so download this, run a bubble bath and bathe your loved one to the smooth mellow grooves of Labtekwon.

this mixtape is not available on ITUNES so feel free to repost it on any of your favorite Blog sites.