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I’m glad Lil Wayne broke doors open because for a minute, the space thing became a myth. It’s funny people jumped on him so late. I knew Lil Wayne was gonna prosper like 15 years ago. I knew he was gonna stand out with his youthfulness and ambition. So people are late. But I feel honored that he’s doing space shit now, because a long time ago people used to come to me like [in generic thuggish voice] “Yo what’s up with that space shit? that’s some different shit, why you doin’ that?”

Do your chemical research. He’s gonna have a baby. Maybe a pretty woman would have a baby with him. It ain’t only for the girls either. Guys too, you got ugly guys producing. People should put on a condom, stop reproduction. Stop bad reproduction. God bless the boy who brings the ugly child in this world. He didn’t ask to be here. Now people want to show their babies, but they need to cover ’em up. You might have a son that’s 7’5″ looking like fuckin’ Lurch. Like a circus, like a freak show. Genetics are messed up. Everybody crossing their genetics. You have a freak show. You run a circus.

…just peace and love to the earth and the land and let’s see what the vibes are out there with people and shit. And everybody be careful of who you’re mating with. Look in his family, do a genetic research on his family. See if he have a Lurch in his family. Look and see if he has an Uncle Fester or something. Everybody’s living like The Munsters. Frankenstein and little Eddie Munster. That’s what the average family looks like right now. It’s fucked up but it’s real. You gotta watch the fuck out because you could have the Munster family.