Ivan Ives - Icons Last (Remix Album)

This is the sh*t. Link

Today is the 1 Year Anniversary of my album “Iconoclast.” To celebrate, I have put together a FREE remix album, entitled “Icons Last” .. with all of the tracks on Iconoclast remixed by various producers. I’ve also attached 3 bonus previously unreleased MP3s to add to the celebration.

All you have to do is go to


And the top news entry will take you to the link to download the album for free! Please be my guest and burn it for whoever and spread it around! Now it’s time to relive the album in a brand new way, with some pretty crazy remixes. Enjoy all the classic tracks with Cappadonna, OC, Vast Aire, 2Mex, Fresh, and myself.. over brand new beats and compositions. Of course if you want to listen to the original tracks the whole Iconoclast album is on iTunes.

Thanks for your continued support, and.. you didn’t hear it from me, but.. new Ivan Ives solo record coming early 09! 😉