RIP Johnny J, legendary producer/engineer for 2Pac who passed away in the Los Angeles County Jail a couple of days ago. Details sound sketchy but they’re saying it was a suicide. via Allhiphop

Part two of a recent interview with Johnny J speaking his mind on his lack of involvement in recent 2pac projects, also mentions Mopreme, Big Syke, and the Outlawz as people who the estate pushed away, after the jump

  1. CV (Reply) on Oct 9, 2008

    also see this quote by QD3

    “Man… my heart dropped when I heard the news… J was as real as Pac, u never had to wonder where he was coming from. Our relationship was always one of 100% mutual love and respect (see 9:12 in the youtube clip above, as a disclaimer, LT & Sha are my boy’s, these are not my words). Johnny and I worked along side each other since the Echo Sound days in 1987 (I was next door when he recorded his first hit “Knockin Boots”) and I’d say our friendship was flawless from beginning to end and that’s rare in this industry. They don’t build too many like J anymore, great producer, great friend, and a great family man… My prayers and support go out to his wonderful kids and wife… that’s all J would talk about was his family and Pac…

    J was guaranteed the most soulful producer (let alone Mexican) on the planet, he did this music ish from the heart. I know u n’ Pac up there making beautiful music together again. The Pac’s albums and the Thug Angel DVD would not be the same with out you homie. Thanks for all your contributions to the entertainment game as well as your friendship, your music and sincerity will live on in the hearts of many world wide. “

  2. kasey (Reply) on Oct 9, 2008

    Wow, you spoke very fondly of him. In this day and age that’s rare people are all about “self” and don’t value true friendship. I can tell by your words that you valued his. God Bless his family and mourning Friends.