Allhiphop spoke to Funkmaster Flex recently about the good old days. As you might have noticed the in the past, I was a big fan growing up. Link Reasonable Doubt.

Flex: That, Illmatic, and I’m going to tell you the most slept on the album from that era…the first Black Moon album! It’s in the same category as Illmatic, Reasonable Doubt, Straight Outta Compton, and Amerikkka’s Most Wanted. I felt a lot of those 90’s Too Short records, too. Even without the remixes Enta da Stage is still in that class.

Flex: You know they put that Tribe Called Quest boom-bap to sleep when they dropped. Buckshot had the crown for a summer.

You know who I was feeling? I can’t remember his name, he was on Jive. He never made it East but he was hard. Kinda like a Mystical, but real street… Spice-1?
Flex: Yeah! He never made it up this way. Do you remember the summer of ’95 when Raekwon and Biggie were neck and neck for the crown? Oh yeah, that was before “Who Shot Ya” dropped.
Flex: That’s what separated them. I’ll tell you the talk before that dropped. “Yo Flex, don’t Biggie always be rhyming on R&B sh*t? Your man ain’t street he’s losing it. He can’t hit without the remixes. Why aren’t the remixes on the album?”

(Yells beginning of “Who Shot Ya”) As we proceed! That had n****s pumping their fists. I never seen a rapper respond to what n****s was whispering! That song was so gully and street, I didn’t even understand it.

“Incarcerated Scarfaces” was like that. The lines in it, the fact he shouted out Connecticut was real, as they’re harder than Brooklyn believe it or not. They’ll fight each other just to show New York dudes they ain’t soft.