via Impose, peace Blake.

It’s been far too long since the last Blueprint record so what is coming up next?
Adventures in Counter Culture. It’s done. I finished it in March. Coming out on Rhymesayers [Entertainment]. Just waiting on the go. As far as I know it’s coming out first quarter of 2009. I feel like the record is on some other-other shit, but not stupid, in a way that people will say “oh you’re trying to be different.”

You did the record full of Funkadelic samples. Is it taking that further?
Way further. I did half that before my record was done, then finished it when I realized I had nothing coming out this year.

Way different than Soul Position?
Way different.

So what was your thinking or goal in making this record?
I started another record, which was going to be my next record and it was going to be like Enter The Wu-Tang and Supreme Clientele. I got about half way through it and asked myself “is this going to be what my career is about? Are my influences going to always be so obvious?” There are other things that influence me that never seem to come out in my music. To me, I felt like I was boxing myself in and I wasn’t happy with it. I didn’t scrap that album, but I definitely put it on the back burner.

The new record sounds like if you could summarize everyone’s listening taste, including all the performers [tonight] and do a record reflecting that, with those sensibilities that’s what it would sound like. I’ve got songs that sound like straight up 80s dance songs, but it’s executed in a way that I’m talking about the same shit Blueprint always talks about. I’ve got some songs with double meanings that could sound like I am glorifying something, but really I’m making fun at it. Its like if Gnarls Barkley had higher content and add some Talking Heads, that’s where I’m going with it.