DJ Vadim has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer (Ocular Melanoma / choroidal melanoma), we hope he gets well soon. I remember seeing DJ Vadim with Mr. Thing from Scratch Perverts rock a show in 1999 that I still have memories of as being one of the best DJ performances I witnessed in person. It’s almost 2009 and I’ll be at the next Dj Vadim show in NYC.

There is no easy way of sharing this with you…
so i’ll just go ahead and do it.

Vadim has been diagnosed with Cancer
(If you would like to know more about it, please google it.
As i do not want to delve into it here.
The name is: Ocular Melanoma / choroidal melanoma and
it is a very rare type of cancer)

Vadim is a fighter!!

He always pushes himself to the limit…

And i will be there pushing for him when he can not.

ALL my energy and presence is now channeled in Vadim’s
direction to help him get better!!

He is by far one of the most incredible and inspiring people i know.
And i am truly blessed to have met him!!!!

And so is everyone who has ever been touched by his music and his presence!!!!!

So many times has he had my back and lifted me up when i was down!
And i wish now that we can all do the same for him!

All i am asking from you, is to create a proactive boomerang
….WORLD WIDE and please pray for him! Help him heal!!

Send him all your energy and love, and think intensely about him
surviving, recovering and coming back stronger!!!

Musically he has many more shows to rock, many more albums to finnish.
And so many more adventures to go on…the world needs him!!

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