directed by Thaione Davis
beat by Memo
edited & concept written by Marcellous Lovelace
Heart From Nubia production staff
From the ‘Most High Definiton’ album

Infinito 2017 battles the greedy underground / independent record executive in this Wesley Snipes (the best) inspired action packed, step into the future degrees clip about money and power. He is saleing his Cd’s to the independent world and a Greedy Record Label Executive sees him and attempts to buy a Cd so he can use Infinito 2017 and tell other artist whats really the dope stuff. Infinito 2017 notice’s that its Bryant Stumble from “Speed Arrogant Sound Records” and decides to take the money from Bryant and run without any warning. Infinito 2017 feels all independent artist should stay independent and don’t count on Greedy Record Labels who do nothing but get rich off artist and don’t do any work. They just use Artist to make there network and net worth go higher.