Just came back from the Foxy Brown show in NYC, which was canceled due to the fact that she wasn’t in the building yet. The official announcement from the venue came around 11:30pm. Ten minutes later, guess who walks in? Yup, Foxy and her muscle. I’m not even sure if that was just coincidence or if she was chilling in the whip getting ready for the performance. In any event, her presence didn’t matter. The show was done for. I do wonder why it was stopped so early though. 11:30pm is early considering this venue has sometimes made people wait 2-3 hours for the headliner to show up, *ahem* Rakim *ahem* EPMD. Foxy definitely gets more mainstream attention than both of these artists so management should have showed her some respect and at least waited another hour or two. But this is all speculation since I don’t know what exactly happened behind closed doors. Maybe the venue was disappointed with the poor turnout so they saw this as a way to not pay her?

One thing I must take issue with is the false advertising by the promoter. The other artists scheduled to rock were Kool G Rap, Roxanne Shante, AZ and Scarface. Not one of those acts performed and that really makes me feel duped. Have you ever been to a show where zero acts on the bill performed? I know I never have before tonight.

The night wasn’t a complete waste though. Before the cancellation and in between sets by the wack DJ, I got to see Grand Daddy I.U., Sweet Tee and DoItAll (of Lords Of The Underground) perform a few tracks. That was an unexpected surprise but still doesn’t make up for the poorly promoted and advertised show.

update: I just listened to audio of Foxy Brown talking about the cancellation. She got some facts wrong (800 people? Caz and Mele Mel on stage?) but it sounds like she got shafted by BB Kings. If her scheduled time to perform was 11:30pm, are you telling me the venue couldn’t wait an extra 15-20 minutes for her to arrive? Did they really have to shut it down right at 11:30pm?

In all honesty, I wasn’t even there to see Foxy Brown. I was there to see the other acts on the bill. Unfortunately, none of them performed and, to my knowledge, were even in the building. But to cancel a show because an artist was 15 minutes late for her performance time is crazy.