I don’t disagree. Interview by Format Magazine

Format: Your latest album, The Soundcatcher, has been getting rave reviews. How does it feel to be hailed as one of the current kings of instrumentalism?

DJ Vadim: Of course it’s great to have good reviews, and for fans and new people alike to love a release. I worked hard to develop my sound, my albums, and what goes into them.

Format: It seems to have lost a little momentum since RJD2 picked up a guitar; Shadow went hyphy, and Diplo decided he wanted to make club tracks. Where do you see the genre going next?

DJ Vadim: Well this is a tricky question. All the people you’ve mentioned have certain records that define a moment in time. However, like most artists, people develop and time moves on. You cannot just repeat the same thing. So, just as the people you mention are accused of abandoning their roots, selling out, or not doing what they did on their seminal release, well, the same finger could be pointed at me.