Reanimator - Music To Slit Wrists By

Glad to see Reanimator finally getting the props he deserves. Our primary objective for re-releasing his instrumental album “Music To Slit Wrists By” way back when was to get his name out there because he’s too good of a producer to be an unknown. I still remember the day I bought the album at Hip Hop Infinity and realized how dope it was. To purchase the album, hit me up at Link

Give our readers some background on Music To Slit Wrists By. How long did it take to complete? What are you most proud of regarding that record?

Music To Slit Wrists By is a record that I originally released in 2002. I had about 2 years worth of songs that, over the course of a year, I pieced together to create this 80-minute mix of music. The thing that I’m probably most proud of is the fact that people enjoy it. I get comments from people who aren’t necessarily into hip-hop say how much they enjoy listening to it, which is nice.

What do you think when you listen to it now?

When I listen to it know, I’m surprised by how much effort I put into the small details, like the effects, timing, and overall mix. Now that I’m working on more songs with lyricists, I often times don’t spend as much time on the small details because I know that there are going to be vocals over the top to serve as a focal point in the music. With an instrumental record, it has to stand on it’s own, so the small nuances really matter. My main focus was not letting certain repetitive phrases go on too long without changes – which has always been my complaint with a lot of instrumental albums. You can get away with that more so when working with vocals, but my vision for this particular album was to have it constantly be changing.

Will you ever press it on vinyl?

I’ve toyed with the idea. It’s doubtful at this time, unless a demand grew for it. This album, since it’s original 2002 release (which consisted of me having 100 copies with me that I would give away, some of which are still sitting on shelves in my basement) has had a few intermittent marketing pushes from various sources. Probably the most successful one is the current push that Sage has been giving it since people recognize some of my work with Sage and my new album with Prolyphic. I would almost prefer to put out 45s with standalone versions of certain songs.