Peace to Creative Juices

We finally started our radio/podcast. The show is hosted by the one and only “L.I.F.E. Long” (Stronghold). Our first guest is Jise (Arsonists). The theme of the show is “Past, Present, Future”. There are 3 sections to each episode. This is the “Past” section. Where Jise goes into some of his favorite tracks from the past; followed by 30 min of some of those fav tracks getting played.

PAST pt 1-3

Life Long: Jise Interview
Blacklisted – Jise One And Helixx Armageddon
M.O.P. – How about some hardcore
Non Phixion and The Arsonists – 14 years of rap
Redman – Iz he 4 Real
Jise and Q Unique – Light Years
Jedi Mind Tracks and Sean P – Blood Runs Cold
Arsonists – Blaze
GZA – Shadowboxing
Cypress Hill – Hand on the Glock
La the Darkman – Heist of the Century

PRESENT pt 2-3

Life Long: Jise interview 2
King and I – Jise and IDE
Skryptkeepers – Life Long and U.G. (Cella Dwellas)..
Sick Jacken – Mask and the Assassin
Many Styles – Over the Wall
CriticalMadness – Empirical
Abnormal, Life Long, Soul Purpose, Lush One, Iron Solomon, Swave Sevah, Jise
Termanology – Cold World
Alucard and Savage Messiah – False Idols
Hell Rahzah, Ill Bill, Sabac – Project Prophecy
Breev Evahflowin – Ongoiing

Future Section pt 3-3

Life Long: Jise interview
Surgen Generalz – Critical, IDE, Jise, Alucard, Life Long -unreleased track from Critical “Medical Records”
What They Gone Say – Alucard and Life Long – unreleased from Alucards new Mixtape drops Sept 15th
Corporal Mortification – Savage Messiah – unreleased from Savage Messiahs new LP “Intelligent Design”
Youll Find – Ide and Jise – unreleased from Dj Connect and Ides new album “Ideology”
The Journey – Life Long – unreleased from Life Long and Big Ape “Crossing the Globe”
We the ones – Ide and Alucard – unreleased from Alucards new Mixtape drops Sept 15th
Who Wants it -Unreleased from Elite Fleet LP