Arabian Prince showed you your first laptop, on tour with NWA. LATimes (via Spine)

Everyone knows the 1988 Arabian Prince-produced J.J. Fad single “Supersonic,” “but nobody realized that prior to ‘Supersonic,’ he’d made a whole album’s worth of material that had that same vibe, only with his rhyming on it,” Wolf says. “Thankfully, now I can spread the word to a bigger audience.”

Of course, Arabian Prince’s relative anonymity stems from his own volition as much as from the triumph of the gangsta rap sound over its techno-influenced forebears. A self-professed tech nerd, he boasts about taking one of the first laptops created, a Radio Shack Tandy model, on N.W.A’s first tour, and in the ’90s he ditched the music business for his own special-effects and 3-D animation company, Hypnotx FX.