Bateria is the MC formerly known as Jedi Son of Spock, known for rocking stages and tearing up ciphers with his crew House of Repz throughout the 90s. He’s working on a half Spanish and half English album titled “Universal Hoods” coming soon on Vent Music and is back in the studio with the other House of Repz members for an upcoming album on Kings Link Records. Peace to Bateria for taking the time out.

[audio: Til 305.mp3]
Bateria Feat. Skam2 – Ride Til 305 (produced by BEATFIRM)
[from the upcoming Universal Hoods album]

Someone you look up to, dead or alive.
mom & dad (alive), Bruce Lee

Someone you look upon?
honestly, I dont look down at anyone

Other than music, what’s worth living for?

You fasted all day, what are you dieing to eat?
Arepa con queso

You’re at a party, what’s your drink?
Amstel light

Name a song you can’t stand.

You’re going to be deaf by morning, what do you ask to listen to?
sound of my first born’s cry

Life after death? Yes/No

How do you hope to be remembered?
As someone who made a real contribution to music

How do you hope you are not remembered?
Never really thought of that

Free verse, anything else on your mind?
Yes!! um, you are not an artist just because you have a myspace music page:)

Will Hiphop grow or will it continue to be watered down? Will our youth ever experience the true essence of it’s culture?

Ride Til 305 is off my Universal Hoods Album half Spanish half English
(coming soon) on Vent Music. Skam2 (also known as SKAM is the one who put A.L on to Em in NY which A.L helped Em get unsigned hype with Riggs Morales. He is an ill emcee and amazing artist, did the artwork for beats rhymes life etc) blessed me with the Artwork. It’s going to be fire. Also, look out for House of Repz long time coming album coming soon on Kings Link Records. First single by Dj Premire “U Gotta Love US”

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