Producer Blockhead put together a nice little mix of demos from old Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito tapes. via philaflava

here’s a bunch of demo’s i got from random old strech tapes i found…the quality is obviously not amazing but fuck it…
* denotes songs i didn’t take from strech tapes but i threw on for the hell of it.

1) hold me back: tony bones and mr. live
2)89.9 promo: natural elements
3)hum these nuts:king sun *
4)recognize: j-treadz
5)what time it is: steady serve
6)settle the score: mr. lif*
7)animalistics (demo version): last emperor
8)two flew over the cuckoo’s nest: genesis
9)battle hymn:total pack
10)wrong side of the tracks (demo version):the artifacts
11)flexi with the tech(demo version):the artifacts
12)trunk of funk: microphone prince*