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TSS: Aside from the bread, do you have any other goals for Only On The Left Side?

Daz: Just working the same angle, giving the people some music. I hooked up with the people who bought Death Row for the $24 million, so I can go over there and help them run that and revive the catalog. That was one of my ideas. When I heard that they bought it I contacted that office and said, “I’ve got all the (original Death Row) artists right here.” So we can put the albums back out, shoot some videos off of those songs, like “Bomb Ass Pussy” and shit like that; do some interviews. Re-package it and put the albums back out, ‘cause you need the artists to do that. ‘Cause Koch was fuckin’ it up.

TSS: Really?

Daz:Yeah. They was sneaky, man. They wasn’t paying a muthafucka and they was doing some under the table shit. I’m glad they ain’t got the shit no more. Fuck Koch!