New from Dollabin.


It’s been two years since me and Verbal Math dropped the original Dollabin “One More Crate…” EP. Without one live show, that joint made it around the world and back, downloaded several thousand times, and we are supremely grateful for the love. We’ve been workin on new music since, but kept getting caught up, basically. But we’re gonna try and turn it back on for 2008. In a few weeks we’re gonna drop our latest long-player, “Styles You Can’t Afford,” and hopefully some actual vinyl – cuz what would the Dolla be without droppin some wax? So keep the eye out. In the meantime though, we thought everyone might want to check a little sampler tape of upcoming album cuts, unreleased treats and freestyles. Hopefully you’ll enjoy, and pass this around on the interwebs as well. Keep checkin us out at and for the latest! Dolla.