DMX’s latest arrest and the idea that Dark Man X should publicly endorse the National Health Insurance Act. via (via Counterhegemonic)

Sometimes a social movement does not get to select its spokesperson. Who knew when the civil rights movement began that a baseball player such Hank Aaron would become such a durable symbol of equality. Aaron’s contribution? He endured the savage threats of white racists and constant pressure of the commercial media which came along with breaking Babe Ruth’s long standing home run record. Aaron accomplished this with a quiet dignity that spoke volumes about the abilities and determination emerging from the African-American community.

Yesterday, such a role was thrust upon another commercial star who also happens to be an African-American. It seems that the legally embattled hip-hop artist DMX was arrested for using the false identity of “Troy Jones” to avoid paying a $7,500 medical bill. The bill was incurred during his visit to the Scottsdale, Az. Mayo Clinic. Most of the major media outlets connect this latest arrest with DMXs recent string of arrests for offenses such as driving without a license and animal cruelty.

Perhaps, though, there is another story here. Taking a page from the civil rights movement we can argue that an immoral law ceases to be a law. A moral person is then encouraged if not mandated to break such a law. Charging a human being for receiving health care is immoral. I therefore applaud DMXs attempt to avoid payment and would even encourage organized groups to follow his lead. The provision of healthcare should be a human right offered to all people in this society regardless of their ability to pay.

There is a long list of negative consequences as a result of having a health care system monopolized by private companies. 47 million have no insurance, more than 20 million more are under insured and some 100,000 people per year die from health problems which could have been solved with the proper attention. Even senior citizens are being targeted by private companies as the public system of Medicare is slowly placed into private hands. Finally and directly related to DMXs actions, health care debts are the highest cause of personal bankruptcy.

So, move over Henry Aaron, DMX may be the new super star face of a social movement. DMX would do well to publicly endorse the resolution currently in the House of Representatives known as H.R. 676, or the National Health Insurance Act. This bill would provide health care to everyone – it would cover DMX and the millions of “Troy Jones'” suffering under a privatized health system.