via Ruby Hornet

Willie The Kid: Yeah no doubt, that’s a given. Me, I studied the greats. I studied the best, the Biggie’s, the Jay-Z’s, the people who do it the best. You gotta make sure you spit something for the ladies. At the same time, you gotta put the interest in making it a quality record first. If the ladies appreciate it that’s cool, but you can’t just throw anything on. You just can’t throw anything on the ladies and expect them to like it, it doesn’t work that way. You can make any kind of record for the streets, the hood, or whatever. The ladies still gonna like it if it’s good. A lot of artists can get caught up with the “I’m a go make a girl record, a street record, a radio…” If you start thinking like that, you’re actually gonna cripple your creativity. The best thing to do is make a quality song. If it’s quality I don’t care what it is, the ladies gonna like it. The streets are gonna like it, the clubs are gonna like it. You can have somebody who likes your most gangsta rapper and pair them with somebody who likes your most insightful rapper. That can be the same person liking both. Why? Because it’s both quality music…Don’t wake up, get dressed, and go to the studio like “Yo I’m a go make a song for the radio”. Nah [laughs], that’s the wrong approach.