“You might see me but this right here is not BET
This right here is our children looking at us in 2023”

With only a couple of lines, KRS-One brings to light one of the primary purposes for maintaining our youtube channel: to preserve an aspect of hip-hop culture that the masses will probably never be able to witness themselves. Why should live shows only be enjoyed by those who have the time and energy to attend? What about all the fans out there who don’t reside near major urban areas or don’t have enough discretionary income to blow on one show? Who’s looking out for them? And what will happen five, ten, twenty years down the road when these legendary mic rockers get too old to do shows? How will kids in 2023 know what the meaning of a classic hip-hop performance is if they have no documented media to reference to? Who’s looking out for these future generations of hip-hoppers?