Features Neila, Cyco of Insane Poetry and Lord G as the voices. Link, thanks Frank

Prepare yourself for the most dope rhymin’, laser gun-tottin’, hip hoppin’ episode of Videogame Theater yet! This episode finds the stars of classics old school, sci-fi videogames Defender, Missile Command and Robotron 2084 uniting in hip hop supergroup Defenders of the Universe to do battle with the evil Space Invaders and other videogame aliens. Yes, Defenders of the Universe an interplanetary music video filled with space ship star wars, alien decapitations and plenty of puppet sex!

Best of all, voicing the Defenders of the Universe puppets are real rapper Cyco of horrorcore legends Insane Poetry (Defender), Lord G of West Coast all-stars Militia (Robotron 2084) and L.A. underground sensation Neila (Missile Commander). So the rhymes are HOT! The Defenders even diss other space videogames (watch out Galaga and Zaxxon!), so you know there’s gonna be hell to pay in the puppet hip hop community!

All of this insanity is from the minds of G4tv Freestyle 101 creator Frank Meyer, Jimmy Kimmel Live correspondent Scott Chernoff, and Crack Yankers puppet producer BJ Guyer!

Videogame Theater airs every other Tuesday on EscapistMagazine.com