Chuck D recently spoke to Posdunous of De La Soul on his Air America show and discussed De La touring, staying relevant, and rocking their first big show opening for Stetsasonic and taking the LIRR home. Chuck D also speaks to Keith Shocklee (not Hank) . Peace to Harry Allen, who’s Non-Fiction Radio Show on WBAI is another favorite of mine.

7/6/2008 On The Real With Chuck D

This weekend Chuck D, Matt Ianni , David ‘Dr Octopus’ Fazekas bring the noise with another Grammy winning, hip hop hall of famer Posdenous of the group De La Soul. His ideas, his works, and thoughts on a new world coming. Rosa Clemente calls in on her activism, most recently at the Media Reform Conference in Minnesota. Keith Shocklee of the Bomb Squad drops some knowledge, and JAHI talks about his new album Less Is More.

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