The Beatnuts

In my never-ending quest to document live Hip-Hop, I was faced with a dilemma tonight. On one hand, The Beatnuts were performing at the Knitting Factory. On the other, Big Daddy Kane had a show at Sputnik. Which one do I go to? Since Sputnik is notorious for starting shows hours after the doors open, I tried to make it a double header. The Beatnuts ripped it as they went through most of the classics and even performed material from their new album “Planet Of The Crates.” Videos coming soon. After their set finished around 3am, I jetted to downtown Brooklyn to try and catch BDK. Unfortunately, the show was over but I managed to get a recap from some pissed off attendees. Apparently, Kane only did verses from three songs (Raw, Ain’t No Half Steppin’ and Warm It Up, Kane) and the whole set lasted for 20 minutes if that. Sounds crazy to me considering dude is supposed to be one of the better performers out there. Can anyone else confirm this? In any event, I’ll need to check him out for myself later this summer.