Labtekwon walking around Baltimore, breaking down different neighborhoods. I remember listening to his Nile Child album (infamous for the Souls of Mischief dis) a lot around the same time Aesop Rock had Music for Earthworms and Foolblown (the site and indie hip hop label that pre-dated Hip Hop Infinity business shadyness) had a dope compliation CD out that put me on to groups that I’d be a fan of for a long time like CVE, Blueprint, and Subtitle. I remember cats like Sole and Dose of Anticon being Labtekwon fans, which turned into a few projects with MUSH. via XLR8R, Visit Labtekwon

Part 2/2

We tapped prolific leftfield rapper/producer Labtekwon for a tour of his beloved hometown–and got more than we asked for. Lab is a true original. His singular aesthetic—a combination of true-school hip-hop, Afrocentrism, free jazz, and dance beats—is rooted in his eccentric West Baltimore upbringing. Here, Lab shows us Harm City history, hack cabs, vegan spots, and long-abandoned housing projects. In other words, parts of Baltimore you might not even see on The Wire.