Tour features K-The-I???, Thavius Beck, Onepersun, Verble and Nabahe and will be going down in August and September (if they can book the dates below). They’re asking for some help so be sure to do what you can. If nowhere else, get them to NYC! Link

Grimm Image has announced a new tour, Featuring me (k-the-i???), Thavius Beck, Onepersun, Verble and Nabahe. Live instrumental music, live emceeing, live painting.

This will be going down August, here are the dates we’re looking for.

Saturday – 9th: California:Los Angeles
Sunday – 10th: Nevada: Nevada City
Monday – 11th: Arizona: Phoenix
Tuesday – 12th: Arizona: Flagstaff
Wednesday – 13th: New Mexico: Senta Fe
Thursday – 14th :New mexico: Albequerque
Friday – 15th: Texas: Austin
Saturday – 16th: Texas: Houston
Sunday – 17th: Oklahoma: Oklahoma City???
Monday – 18th: Florida: Jacksonville???
Tuesday – 19th: Georgia: Atlanta
Wednesday – 20th: Maryland Or SC: ???
Thursday – 21st: Washington DC:???
Friday – 22nd: Pennsylvania: Philadelphia
Saturday – 23rd: Massachusetts: Cambridge
Sunday – 24th: Massachusetts: Boston
Monday – 25th: Free Day
Tuesday – 26th: Maine: Portland
Wednesday – 27th: New York: ???
Thursday – 28th: New York: ???
Friday – 29th: Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh
Saturday – 30th: Illinoise: Chicago
Sunday – 31st: Wisconsin: Madison

Monday – 1st: Nebraska: Omaha
Tuesday – 2nd: Colorado: Denver
Wednesday – 3rd: Colorado: Fort Collins or Glenwood Springs
Thursday – 4th: Idaho: Boise
Friday – 5th: Washington: ???
Saturday – 6th: Oregon: Portland
Sunday – 7th: Day off
Monday -8th: California: San Fransico
Tuesday – 9th: Califonia: Fresno
Wednesday – 10th: Califonia: Los Angeles

Please if anyone could help us get these dates confirmed it would be amazing, haha.