Wow another dope video in the inbox. Check out rare footage of Leaders Of The New School just chillin on the couch kicking some rhymes. Thanks JC. Link

Wow. I know my man Adrian was stoked when these 4 young rap virtuosos rocked the Much environment clad in a gang of TBG gear. For the record, I remember going into the old retail space just off Bathurst and drooling over the same grey wool cap that Dinco is wearing. However, I was like 16 and OWG(one white guy) so I kept it moving.

Guest appearance by Geronimo of the Rumpletilskinz. I definitely ganked that CD from a good friend years after it came out and it was still hard to get into but hey, he’s got a dope toque on! Listen to the Mushroom Talk is still a big track though.

Damn. I’m going to go and download that Keep It Movin’ track that came out on one of Busta’s albums just so I can feel like they never broke up.