GRANDGOOD friend Emynd posted some songs he’s produced for one of our favorite rappers, Serengeti. via Crossfaded Bacon

Serengeti is one of the few underground rappers I find interesting these days. Mind you, this isn’t really because I’m anti-underground rap in any real way, it’s just hard to find the time to find this stuff when my focus has been club-related stuff for so long. But, he’s really a talented, charismatic, and fun rapper. The strength of his songs is not lyrical (though he’s certainly not a bad writer by any stretch of the imagination), nor is his rapping technically very impressive in the virtuosic Bun-B/Rakim/KoolGRap/Micah9 type of way (though he’s certainly technically sound enough to enjoy). What’s remarkable about Serengeti is the characters he portrays in his songs. They’re usually over-the-top caricatures of prototypical character types, but he does them in really funny and equally convincing ways (whether we’re talking about a middle aged Chicagoian who loves Chicago sports and bratwurst, or a teenage girl that wants to go to a concert). He really knows how to sound good on a beat as well–almost like he was a singer in a previous life or something. Whatever the case, I’m really happy with the songs I’ve done with the guy and wish I could find the time to do some more with him.

Serengeti “I Don’t Know” (Produced by Emynd)


Serengeti “Critters” (Produced by Emynd)

Serengeti “Don’t Look At Jules (Emynd Remix)” (Produced by Emynd)

Serengeti “Teenager” (Produced by Emynd)

Serengeti “Jim Duggin” (Produced by Emynd)