Tamer Nafer of DAM talks with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! about how Palestinians are living. Link

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AMY GOODMAN: Are there other Palestinian hip-hop groups?

TAMER NAFAR: Yeah, yeah. People can go to dampalestine.com, and you can see DAM’s album over there, and then you can go to slingshothiphop.com and see the trailer of the documentary, which is documenting at least five, six groups. You have girls’ groups, you have people from Gaza, you have people from Al-Lyd. You have—it’s getting much, much, much developed.

TAMER NAFAR: I’d say for the Palestinians it means like the first step of return, because we still are a signature, Palestinian signature, you know, as a culture, still inside of Palestine. For the Israelis—and I’m quoting the Parliament of Israel, the government of Israel—we are considered a “cancer.” This is how they call us, a cancer, because we are a demographic bomb for them, like we are Arabs inside of Israel, and we are a threat, us being natural and having babies. Small, cute babies are called demographic bomb and demographic threat for the majority of having—for the Jewish majority.