Prince Paul interviews are always entertaining. Speaking to he talks more about the Dino 5 project, Baby Elephant and projects in the works. Hope this album with Souls of Mischief will lead to other rap groups having Prince Paul produce their entire album. Link

You know, I haven’t worked with a group in years, and so I asked them if I could produce their next record, because I haven’t heard nothing from them in a while, collectively, and I always liked them. And we did it. I like that album a lot. I’m not going to lie. Like, you know, lots of [big] producers are like “Yeah, cool, whatever.” But I think within the last year or so, two years, like, I’ve been putting out stuff that I actually like. And this Souls album isn’t bad, you know, it’s a throwback.

My setup is a combination of both. You know, I use whatever the project calls for. If I’m saying, OK, I want to try and do something that’s more what today is. All right, yeah, obviously I’m going to need… I’m going to really just stay heavy on the computer and computer programs and, you know, software and new sounds on the computer.

Or if I’m saying, OK, well, I’m doing this Souls of Mischief record. OK, I’m going to break out the SP-12 and the ASR and the MPC and, you know, I’ll record part of it on the computer. Because computers are so easy to record, you know. But then, OK, I want to dust it out. So I’ll mix it down on quarter-inch tape, or, you know, then I’ll take it and put it on DAT, you know. Whatever type of vibe I’m trying to get, you know, off that project, is where I go.