recently sat down with rap veteran KAM and talked about how he regrets beefing with Ice Cube, black and brown unity in LA, and an upcoming mini tour called The West Fest, featuring a line-up of The Westurn Union, The Warzone, Glasses Malone, The Lady of Rage, Mistah F.A.B. and W.C., Snoop and others. Link What are your thoughts on the recent issues between Blacks and Mexicans in Los Angeles?

Kam: That beef is based on dirty money and dirty business. It started in the pand worked its way down to the streets. The conscious Blacks and the conscious Browns ain’t really riding with that though. We all have family members that are a part of it or we all have friends that have been victims of that ignorance. It’s hard sometimes not to get emotionally involved or in to choosing sides when one of your peoples might have been a victim of this bulls**t. The Mexican and Black beef is only amongst gang members, not normal people. The Ese’s [Mexican homies] raised me growing up – they literally raised me – so I know better

We’ve got to be wise enough and mature enough to understand that we are pawns on somebody else’s Chess-Wars. The real enemy isn’t the Blacks or the Browns. If you want to go back to the roots – California, Nevada, Texas, Arizona and New Mexico all used to be Mexico. Who took it from Mexico? Us Blacks used to be in Africa. Who took us from Africa? This country used to belong to the Indians. Who exterminated the Indians?

Nobody came and negotiated a righteous deal for the land. They just came in with weapons, poisons, lies and tricks and took this s**t. Now this is supposed to be a righteous place – Land of the Free and God Bless America. America isn’t the biggest super power because of its righteousness. It’s the biggest super power because of its weapons. I am not a Hate White People person. I hate the bad stuff that white people have done – the ones who did it – and those that still ride with it. A lot of White kids are just as dissatisfied as Blacks – that’s why they listen to rap.