Brand Nubian

I got to the Brand Nubian show about an hour after the doors opened and easily parlayed my way to the front. A pretty good sign that tickets were still available at the door. Weak. Fresh Daily and his crew were in the middle of their set. Not really feeling them production-wise, as is the case with most new artists these days. Next up was the debut performance of MC/producer 88-Keys. Again, I wasn’t really feeling any of the tracks although I do respect and appreciate the obvious prep-work he and DJ Syncity put in. The vocal performances and crazy (sometimes odd) skits in between followed the life and death of a character named Adam from his album. Props to them for actually having a plan for their live set rather than just spitting to whatever the DJ plays next.

Brand Nubian rocked it as usual although their set seemed kind of short (or maybe that’s because I can never get enough of ‘em). I’m not going to go too much into detail because the videos are coming this weekend. As always, I got the hot sh*t. If you missed it last night, be sure to check them out again with Large Professor, Craig G, DJ Premier and DJ Evil Dee at Bar Sputnik in Brooklyn, NY on May 15th. Big ups to Jay Smooth and Laurent from Decon Media in the building.

Off the top of the dome, the set list went a little something like this (not in any particular order):

All For One
Step To The Rear
Slow Down
Who Can Get Busy Like This Man…
Allah U Akbar
Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down
Love Me Or Leave Me Alone
Steal Ya ‘Ho
360° (What Goes Around)
What’s The 411?
The Sun (Lord Jamar solo)
Sadat X untitled new track