DJ Ian Head - May 2008 Mixtape

DJ Ian Head rocking Serato for this new mix. Don’t fret though. His crates stay dusty. Link

Download “May 2008 Mixtape” by DJ Ian Head


ok, so here’s the new mixtape. i admit it, i got a serato scratchLive so i can mix mp3s now. this does not mean i am giving up on records! for real i’m gonna keep these mixes mostly vinyl, cuz to me that’s just the essence, but it’s nice learning and messing with some new equipment, and being able to spin cuts that previously were only on CD or mp3 – or even tape! so get ready for exclusives here and there.

this mix is mostly cuts that i love, mostly underground hiphop, that i think cats should really hear. i guarantee you haven’t heard at least 2 or 3 of these cuts, especially the obscure Portland tracks, unless you grew up in the 503. hope everyone enjoys! apologies for the sloppy mixing too.

shout-out to some of my people who’s music is featured on this joint, including replife, no name and khingz.

hope everyone is well!

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