Came across this interview with Tony Draper of Suave House Records that was originally supposed to appear in Ozone Magazine in 2006. Link (via XXL)

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Since you and your company laid the foundation for the South’s current reign, how do you feel about the movement, the quality of music coming from it and its future?

Its cool cause we shining, but it ain’t really cool cause people are taking away from what the south really is. We got niggas that spit, its a lot of great MCs, but they get over looked because folks be wanting novelty songs. Its making money but it won’t stand the test of time. I make music that stands for years and listen to music that stands for years. I still bump NWA, UGK, ‘Kast.

No disrespect to Luda and T.I. and the other ones coming up with them, but they ain’t create the movement. There’s a history you got Luke, ‘Kast, Rap-A-Lot. The train been rolling, as long as they acknowledge that, everything will be fine.