Dj Pooh and Ice Cube talk about Too bad you need Microsoft Silverlight just to watch. Link is one of the first sites to employ the new Silverlight platform, Microsoft’s answer to Adobe Flash. I had a chance to talk with Ice Cube (who called from the set of his new movie Comeback) and his partner DJ Pooh about their online venture using Microsoft’s newest media-delivery technology.

What does this site offer to viewers?

DJ Pooh: UVNTV is a TV site, in a nutshell. We deliver real-time content parallel to, say, Dish Network. In a lot of ways, it works better than a video-sharing site. On YouTube, you pretty much gotta play the DJ and go hunting for cool stuff to watch. On our site, it’s played for you. You could tune into your favorite show at 3 o’clock, but you can also find it on demand. When you become a member, the site becomes your TV remote. You could set up your profile, meet and network with other members. Or you can just watch it like a TV. I can just log in anytime and watch Cube’s channel Hiphop24/7. It’s bangin’—I can watch it like every day.

How did you guys hook up with Microsoft to use Silverlight?

DJ Pooh: We’ve mastered it on all platforms, but Microsoft offered a lot more with Silverlight. They’re gonna give Flash a run for the money. We designed the real-time timeline for a media player, but we figured it out for the future technology. Silverlight gives seamless uninterrupted flow. It doesn’t leave you stuck. You don’t have to wait for the video to stop, pop, and load.