Scheme Magazine talks to Jay Electronica producer Mike Chav about his studio and background as an engineer. Link

Scheme: How is your studio set up?

MikeChav: My studio is set up like a hybrid between… well its kind of set up like where things are going technology and studio wise. It’s a combination of the digital and analog world. I use an analog mixer but I pretty much do most of my mixing in pro-tools. Its perfect for someone that produces and mixes. I have a good eight guitars, bases, keyboard and my laptop, which has sounds for days. It’s all set up like the cockpit of a station. It’s set up for two people to work in; Jay and I built this with our hands and it’s acoustically right.

Scheme: Talk a bit about the concept of making music for the “human family” you mention it and just mentioned it in a previous interview. That seems to be one of the pillars of where the creativity comes from.

MikeChav: Well it’s just to let people know everything we experience in life is not all there is. Based on what is in your mind you can dictate how your life is going to turn out. Division, color, socio-economic status and geographic location separate us but the one thing that binds us is the thread of music and that beat will translate across the world to anybody.