Haven’t heard anything about this guy for a minute now, ever since his solo album Destined To Be in ’98. Link

What was it like being around [the Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous] sessions? That album is a classic.

Crazy! You know L was a lyricist first before anything. He’s a perfectionist. He made sure every line, every punchline, everything was on time. Like, he was on it like that. Me, I’m more like a raunchy, raw type. Nah mean? But L was like lyrical with his joint. The sessions was crazy though. I used to run into Lord Finesse, Showbiz, AG, you know, the crew… Fat Joe in some sessions, it was crazy. It was an experience for me, you know? I started rhyming late, nah mean? I only just got started trying to pursue some solo shit. Like when L got that deal with Columbia, I was like “God damn, this for real! Like, it could really happen. Nah mean? Word up!” You know, cause we used to just rap for the love. We ain’t think nothing of it like as if we was gonna go nowhere with it. But when L got that deal, he opened up a lot of doors, B. He gave a lot of people inspiration, especially comin’ from where we comin’ from. You know?

So how did the whole Children of the Corn thing come about? Who really was behind that move?

That started from Cam and L. They started C.O.C. That’s when we was running with that whole C.O.C. thing. The original! So don’t believe all that other stuff you see in the magazines. You hearin’ it from Gruff Crime Doggie, nah mean? (laughs) For real…Yeah Murder Mase was down with C.O.C. Mase was down. That’s when he was Murder Mase. Cam was Killa Kam, nah mean? The days. The good days. The “American Dream” days. Before all the politics and all that got involved.