Producer Charlie-O recently upped the original version of Ghetto Stars with Nutso, who also happens to be Keyshia Cole’s older brother. via

This song has been done before, on DJ remixes and what not, diff. here is I had the files, Im a big 2 PAc fan so having his Pro Tools session at my desk is really big for me!!!!! Than to do the track, I lost my mind for a sec! Anyway, the vocals were the biggest i had heard in Pro Tools personally, not alot of tracks, but huge, warm, clear vox bang up the middle. Anyone hear record this song, good job! You can hear 2 Pac say my friends name in the intro, so you know this is how the song was intended. You guys and gals let me know what you think of the track as well please.

Some folks have remixed this, even put themself on there when they were not supposed to, this is the real collabo between him and Outlaw Nutso! Oakland Stand UP!