Lyrics Born

Link With record sales declining do you think it is even more vital to have the element of the live show?

Lyrics Born: I think so, but as a result of that, regardless of genre, you have a lot of groups out on the road that have no business being on the road. I am not talking just Hip-Hop; I am speaking of all genres. The way things are now, you have to be the best. You have to come out with the attitude of ‘f**k this s**t. People are going to pay attention to what I am doing beyond what everyone else is doing.’ I have to raise the bar because the competition is so steep. I put a 1000 percent into my shows. Anything I can do, I go all out. If I do that, I can honestly say that there is no where else in the world that you can get an album like this. I know that I go the distance. They expect me to be consistently unpredictable and I am not going to let us down. I can’t half ass anything; nobody can afford to in today’s market.