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Nothing particularly new here but I’ve been bumping this for a while now. Just thought I’d share a dope mix with y’all. more info

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Now I’ve been meaning to post this for a minute, but the summer just started and I’ve been too busy hanging out in the park to get it ripped. This was my second “official” mix and I always felt it was like a prequel to the better known Keeping Crates Stacked from 1997. The tracklisting below is taken from the inside cover, but that’s nowhere near complete as the total length is 100+ minutes. Musically it’s a mix of 95/96 indie label stuff (some real gems in there) and early 90’s classics. The mixing is kinda smooth considering I used to do each side in a single take back then. There’s some cool blends too… Enjoy!

Side A
Organized Konfusion: Bring It On
Artifacts: Wrong Side Of The Tracks
Constant Deviants: Competition Catch Speed Knots
The Dereliks: A Phrase That Pays
Hi-Tech: Book Of Life
Hi-Tech & J-Treds: Weak Minds
Da Great Deity Dah: Life Or Death
Natural Elements: Shine
Militant Mind State: Bottom Line
Lux & Tommy Hill: Street Playa
Niyabingy: Make It Hot
Dutchmin: Get Your Swerve On
Big Kwam: I Don’t Give A Whut Part 1

Side B
KRS One: Hip Hop VS Rap
FIN Represent: P-Jay / C-Mo / Celes
Sic Sense: Positional Bypass
Tha Alkaholiks: Next Level
None: None Quite Like You
Nas-T Howie: Attic
K-Otic Fam: Composition
Jemini The Gifted One: Tribute
Black Sheep: To Whom It May Concern
Ed OG & Da Bulldogs: I Gotta Have It
Nice & Smooth: No Delayin
Organized Konfusion: Fudge Pudge
Percee P: Lung Collapsing Lyrics
Brand Nubian: Dedication